Heather and Jason’s Tarrant County Courthouse elopement took place on their 18 year dating anniversary on their lunch break from work. This was the first time it was just me and the couple working together! I was struck at how even though it was just a casual, laid back wedding, it was still very emotional […]

tarrant county courthouse

Marsha and Tony’s Tarrant County Courthouse wedding day was a special one! Marsha shared with me that she was an nontraditional bride and even reserved an adorable Air bNb with plenty of natural light to get ready together with Tony and a couple of their close friends. We then made our way to the Fort […]

Marissa and Logan had a memorable and adorable Tarrant County Courthouse wedding ceremony surrounded by their closest friends. Afterwards, we went on a delightful group adventure around downtown Fort Worth, and I had a fantastic time getting to know everyone and documenting the newlyweds as they basked in that newlywed glow. Thanks to Marissa, Logan, […]

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