Our Trip to Durango, Colorado, July 2015

September 23, 2015

Nick and I had the amazing opportunity to spend a week in Durango, Colorado over the summer! It was the perfect retreat from the Texas heat while also being an epic adventure. After driving over 2,000 miles, it became pretty clear that we make excellent road trip partners! Our first stop was at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas right as a rain storm was brewing.

melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-1 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-2 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-3 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-5

Of course we had to stop at the state signs.

We made it a little over halfway and stayed the night in Tucumcari, New Mexico, an old Route 66 town (AKA a photographer’s goldmine).melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-8 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-10 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-11 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-12

We are shameless breakfast restaurant enthusiasts, and Kix on Route 66 did not disappoint!melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-13 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-14 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-15 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-16

During our second day of driving through beautiful New Mexico, we reached Colorado and mountains appeared on the horizon!melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-17 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-19

Our view for the week:   melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-22

melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-23  melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-25  melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-28 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-29

The hike to Potato Lake (0r Spud Lake) – oh my. In the guidebooks, it was labeled as a “beginner” hike. We didn’t realize that the DRIVE would be the hard part! The road there was ridiculously rocky and definitely scary at points.

Completely worth it for the beautiful scenery, though!  melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-33

Engineer Mountain, my favorite:melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-40 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-41 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-42 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-44 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-45   melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-50 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-51 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-52

Nick’s car brought these suburbanites back to safety:melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-54

Mesa Verde State Park:

melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-56 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-57 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-58 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-59 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-60  melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-64 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-66 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-67 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-69 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-70 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-72 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-73 melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-74

Snow capped peaks!melissaclaire-dallas-photographer-76

I will always be grateful to make wonderful memories with Nick. We’re less than three months out from our wedding. Let the countdown begin!


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    Great pics!


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