Our Trip to New York City – September 2015

October 28, 2015

Labor Day weekend was spent visiting New York City. This was my first time visiting, and I was completely awe struck the entire time. Nick’s sister, Rachel, and her boyfriend, Nate, were the best tour guides ever. I couldn’t help saying (multiple times), “This is just like the movies!” We were so lucky to experience the city through their eyes and to get taken off the beaten path (in addition to just a few tourist activities of course!). These photos are a combination from my 5D Mark III and our phones, because after running all over Manhattan, the Mark III just became too heavy to carry!

Grand Central Station:nyc-2015-1 nyc-2015-2 nyc-2015-3 nyc-2015-4

Bryant Park:nyc-2015-5

Spotted David Bowie and Leon Bridges posters next to each other! Awesomeness.


Some of the best ice cream, ever!

Seeing the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry was amazing!nyc-melissaclairephotography-6

Cards against Humanity ;)


Being “authentic” in Brooklyn:nyc-melissaclairephotography-8

World Trade Center and 9/11 Memorial:

nyc-2015-7 nyc-2015-8 nyc-2015-9 nyc-2015-10 nyc-2015-11 nyc-2015-12 nyc-2015-14 nyc-2015-15 nyc-2015-16 nyc-2015-17 nyc-2015-18 nyc-2015-19

Stock Exchange:nyc-2015-20

Getting ready to ride the ferry to Brooklyn!nyc-2015-21 nyc-2015-25 nyc-2015-26 nyc-2015-27 nyc-2015-28 nyc-2015-29 nyc-2015-30 nyc-2015-31 nyc-2015-33

Smorg…oh my goodness. SO MUCH GOOD FOOD. EVERYWHERE.


The Hi-Line:nyc-2015-38 nyc-2015-39nyc-2015-40 nyc-2015-41 nyc-2015-42 nyc-2015-43

Real NYC brunch…nyc-melissaclairephotography-10

Strawberry Fields <3


nyc-melissaclairephotography-13 nyc-melissaclairephotography-14nyc-melissaclairephotography-16

The Cloisters:nyc-melissaclairephotography-18 nyc-melissaclairephotography-17

Thanks again to Rachel and Nate for guiding us around the city like pros! Such amazing memories :)



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