Behind The Scenes 2013

January 3, 2014

This past year, I have had the joy and privilege to work with wonderful couples, their families, and their friends on one of the most important and memorable days of their lives. Sometimes, when out shooting these joyous events, Nick and I capture candid photographs of each other. Sometimes it’s just to perform a task like testing the light, but I feel like we also secretly want to capture a sliver of these sessions from our perspective since it’s a day that we will always want to remember and relive, too. So, please enjoy our slightly nerdy and truly candid highlights from 2013’s behind the scenes!


Short photographers can relate to finding anything stable to stand on to get that higher angle.


I can be mildly amusing at times.behind-the-scenes_0003

Us looking glam at our friends Aaron and Jamie’s wedding!

behind-the-scenes_0004 behind-the-scenes_0005

Hands. I tend to do very strange things with my hands. Usually demonstrating where clients can place their hands. Or just cracking up, like below.


I hardly recognize Nick here with short (ish) hair and a short beard!

behind-the-scenes_0007 behind-the-scenes_0008 behind-the-scenes_0009 behind-the-scenes_0010That red hair, though :)

behind-the-scenes_0011 behind-the-scenes_0012 behind-the-scenes_0013

Always the light tester.

behind-the-scenes_0014 behind-the-scenes_0015 behind-the-scenes_0016

All smiles. Obviously.


A wild Jeff Rodriguez appears!


Getting that balcony angle.

behind-the-scenes_0019 behind-the-scenes_0020

We love seeing friends at weddings!

It makes for silly photographs :)

behind-the-scenes_0021 behind-the-scenes_0022 behind-the-scenes_0023

Again, with the hand! And cracking up!

behind-the-scenes_0024 behind-the-scenes_0025

Getting ready for the cake cutting photo:


When a groomsman requests a selfie, you oblige.


I hope y’all enjoyed this post featuring your photographers! In addition to capturing some of your dearest memories, my main goal is to make you feel relaxed and fabulous in front of the camera, and many times this involves embracing my inner nerdy and fun loving side to the fullest. After sifting through all of the possible shots for this blog, I’m realize (yet again) that I couldn’t have ever dreamed of a better job!



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