Gabby and Brandon’s Sushi Picnic Engagement Session

May 11, 2022

Gabby and Brandon’s engagement photos were taken at the same garden where Brandon proposed! Brandon and Gabby showed up completely authentic and true to themselves for the session: they wore their favorite band t-shirt and ate a sushi picnic from their favorite restaurant, complete with a champagne toast. Capturing people in those moments right as they laugh and feel most themselves always brings me joy.

Both Gabby and Brandon wore engagement rings, which I love. Working with couples who approach marriage as an equal partnership never fails to brighten my day.

Sushi Picnic Engagement Photos

sushi picnic engagement photos_0002

sushi picnic engagement photos_0003

sushi picnic engagement photos_0004

sushi picnic engagement photos_0005

sushi picnic engagement photos_0006

sushi picnic engagement photos_0007

sushi picnic engagement photos_0008

sushi picnic engagement photos_0009

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  1. […] but at the last minute they decided to go ahead and get married at the same park where we took their engagement shots—and where Brandon […]


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