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Chris and Tina’s Newlywed Session at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Chris and Tina’s newlywed photo session took place at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. They had their original wedding ceremony over in Kenya with Tina’s family, and after having a courthouse wedding back in Texas, they wanted to have photos to accompany it. There’s something magical about the early summer light and haze once the seasons start to change. Aren’t they a beautiful couple?




Dallas Engagement Session


Dallas Engagement Session


Dallas Engagement Session


Dallas Engagement Session


Dallas Engagement Session


It’s never too late to have your photo taken. Celebrating an anniversary? Just because? Let’s talk :)





The Glowski Family Portraits at Denton Square

I photographed the Glowski family in Denton Square during the rainiest May on record in Texas! The weather cleared up just in time for us, and we were very grateful for the small window of cool, dry weather. Sheri had contacted me wanting candid style photos, so we just spent the majority of the session cracking up and talking band (a funny family who loves music and band – perfect!). Thanks again to the Glowski family for the opportunity to document this stage in their lives.

denton-family-photographer_0001   denton-family-photographer_0009

We call this the “rockstar” jump!

denton-family-photographer_0008  denton-family-photographer_0006 denton-family-photographer_0005 denton-family-photographer_0004 denton-family-photographer_0003 denton-family-photographer_0002

We love photographing lifestyle sessions in Denton! View more of our Lifestyle work here.

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Lately in 2015

 2015 is already off to a great start with my brand new website theme! I want to embrace simplicity and let the photographs speak for themselves. It’s still a work in progress, but I have a very good feeling about the direction it’s headed.

We ended 2014 with several delightful family sessions :)

The Penn Family:melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0003 melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0005 melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0006

The Burdick Family:melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0007 melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0008

The Brown-Murphey Family:melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0009 melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0010 melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0011

The Seale Family:melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0013 melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0014 melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0015 melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0016 melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0017

The Patterson-Fowler family (and engagement session!)melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0018 melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0019 melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0020 melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0021 melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0022

And last but not least, I spent New Year’s Eve photographing Nancy and Doug’s intimate courthouse wedding!

melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0012melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0024  melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0025 melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0026 melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0027Finally, I wanted to share a little personal news. In case y’all haven’t heard, Nick and I are engaged! He proposed while we were staying in a beautiful cabin near Broken Bow, Oklahoma for our eight year anniversary (yes, eight years!). It was peaceful, thoughtful, and absolutely perfect in every way. We are so excited to tie the knot in December 2015 :)

melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0028 melissaclairephotography-lately-2015_0029Here’s to a brand new year!


Ellen and Jorge’s Maternity Session

 Ellen and Jorge’s maternity session took place at her dad and his fiance’s beautiful cabin in the woods of Gainesville, TX. I was completely in awe of the beauty and solitude of the location. And even with the pressures and responsibilities of their new baby girl being born within the next month, Ellen and Jorge continue to show off their amazing style. Congratulations to the soon to be parents, and thanks from the bottom of my heart for inviting me back to document this new stage of your lives!

ej-maternity-lifestyle_0001 ej-maternity-lifestyle_0003 ej-maternity-lifestyle_0004 ej-maternity-lifestyle_0005 ej-maternity-lifestyle_0006 ej-maternity-lifestyle_0007 ej-maternity-lifestyle_0008 ej-maternity-lifestyle_0009 ej-maternity-lifestyle_0010 ej-maternity-lifestyle_0011 ej-maternity-lifestyle_0012 ej-maternity-lifestyle_0013 ej-maternity-lifestyle_0014 ej-maternity-lifestyle_0015 ej-maternity-lifestyle_0016