Kim and Cole’s Bohemian, Vinyl Loving, Smoke Bomb Engagement Session

June 15, 2016

Vinyl lovers, unite! Part 2 of Kim and Cole’s engagement session took place at the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve and was a combination of bohemian, rock ‘n’ roll, and colorful creativity. Um, hello SMOKE BOMBS! Please enjoy this wonderfully unique set of engagement photos.dallas_indie_photographer_0001 dallas_indie_photographer_0002 dallas_indie_photographer_0003 dallas_indie_photographer_0004 dallas_indie_photographer_0005 dallas_indie_photographer_0006 dallas_indie_photographer_0007 dallas_indie_photographer_0008 dallas_indie_photographer_0009 dallas_indie_photographer_0010 dallas_indie_photographer_0011 dallas_indie_photographer_0012 dallas_indie_photographer_0013 dallas_indie_photographer_0014 dallas_indie_photographer_0015 dallas_indie_photographer_0016

We would love for you to view Part 1 of Kim and Cole’s engagement photos here!






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